The history of the Mallala Football Club

Mallalla Football  Club - Association match 1908Football can justly claim to be the most important sport played at Mallala and certainly attracts the largest spectator following. This club fielded one of the original Adelaide Plains Association teams and is the only club to have played continuously in this association. Likewise, the players have always worn black and white guernseys.

Of the original players, the names of Angus, Franks, and Marshman are still represented by playing members of the club. The oval site has been changed once. In 1915 the oval was relocated from the Mallala People’s Park, due to the railway coming, and the current site was developed by the district council.Mallalla Football  Club - Premiers 1912

The grandstand (then called the pavilion) was built in 1923. This provided enough change room space until B grade competition started in 1958. In 1959 a group of players planned and built with all volunteer labour the first Mallala Football Clubroom. This was one large area built of Besser bricks with shower area attached. It was used as the changing room for the Mallala teams whilst the visitors used the room under the Grandstand which was upgraded at the same time.

A few years later, volunteers built a separate canteen adjacent to the clubroom. By 1966 the senior colts were regularly taking the field and in 1970 the ‘minis’ or junior colts emerged. Overdue and much needed extensions to the clubrooms were opened in 1981.

Mallala Football Club Team - 1959Except for 1922, Mallala won all premierships from 1912 to 1925 under captains N. Irish, J. Huxtable, O. Pitt, S. Irish and E. Peach. The supporters had to wait until 1953 for another premiership, this time captained by L. Fosdike and coached by Cliff Jarvis. During its period of service here the RAAF personnel boosted the local team and also fielded a team of its own in 1957. K. Lindsay led his team to victory in 1955, followed by R. Tucker in 1959, T Coleman in 1962 and J. Bubner in 1963. When North Western Association was amalgamated, the team had to be runners up at best until Bill Mahoney’s team gained the crown in 1970. It was a great year for Tony Laintoll in 1974 as he won one of his three Mail Medals. It was also in 1974 that the final match resulted in a draw with United, and the play-off went to Mallala. Another year to remember was 1978 when the final was won by one point, the result of a goal kicked after the siren by Geoff Angus.

Mallala Club A Grade members who played 300 games:

Greg Tucker 323 games

David Wilson 301 games


Mallala Mail Medallists are:

1934 Bruce Jarmyn

1937 Bruce Jarmyn

1965 Bruce (Kelly) Curnow

1974 Tony Laintoll








Those who played 200 A grade games in order of year:

Ray Earl 229

Ron Tucker 274

John Griffiths 277

Keith Jenkin 235

Leon Broster 239

Trevor Coleman 292

Kevin Jarmyn 234

Phil Hannaford 277

Paul Hallion 204

John Lutt 229

Paul Angus 225

Phil Kemble 210

Ian Jenkin 227

Todd Thorne 217

Paul Blacket 245

Brian Tiller 204

The medal is now The Plains Producer Medal:

1988 Greg Tucker

1989 Michael Wilson

1994 Todd Thorne

1996 Todd Thorne

1997 Ryan Kennedy

2004 Todd Thorne

2007 Josh Hollitt

2011 Liam Whitwell

2012 Joel Montgomerie